How to choose between architectural visualization firms

Helping customers envision their next new home or office is one of the greatest obstacles for architects, real estate professionals, developers and interior designers. An on location visit is an ideal approach to get a customer on board, but what if the development is new and has no current location? Your next best bet then is a 3d architectural rendering which will allow you to present the real estate development or project in a way that is as close to what the finished product will be as possible, while also being inspirational. There's a lot of rendering companies out there however, so how do you pick the right company to help? How can you judge an architectural visualization firm if you've never outsourced this type of project before? This article will give you a basic idea of how best to assess an ideal 3D Architectural visualization firm for your needs. Of course we'd love you to work with us, if you'd like to do that feel free to request a quote here.

what kind of rendering do you need?

If you're working on a business development like an office block, you'll want to look for a company that has an excellent portfolio of business complexes and buildings that are like the structures you're attempting to market to your customers. If you offer houses or apartment suites, search for a rendering company who has previously worked on similar projects. Take into account whether your development is rural or residential. What country is your development in? Ensure the company has knowledge of the type of nature and landscapes in your area, as well comprehending what the general population in that city dress like, the type of cars they drive etc. In this way you will get an end result which is congruent with the environment the work will be built in. This might seem like a little thing, but if something is off about the rendering even in a small way, it can have a subconscious effect on the viewer which will has the potential to cause them to decide not to work with you.

When we were developing Render 3D Quick we made it a priority to source 3d designers from around the world at the top of their game. So no matter what type of rendering you need or for which location we can match your project to a specialist who will be perfect for your project.

The best Value at the right Price

While it's a bad idea to choose a company solely on their rates (pick the cheapest you'll get the cheapest), you obviously want make sure any quote you're being given is competitive. Look at people's reviews (from real clients, they often feel off when they're fake). Often super high end renderings will be overkill for your project based on the law of diminishing returns. But also try to avoid employing cheap inexperienced firms as it will cost you more in the long term when you need to hire another company to fix the first companies mistakes. We provide an excellent level of quality in our renderings at some of the most competitive prices around. You're welcome to ask to see more of our work at anytime if you would like to and we can tell you how expensive they were to create. 

good customer service

Business is not fun when you're dealing with angry, rude or arrogant people. Look for a company who provides excellent customer service, who understand your project needs (there should be no need for escalating project costs) and is easy to work with across iterations of your renderings. Working with a company who understands you and your project and vice versa will spare both of you effort and time and expense in the long run.


One of the things our clients like the most about our service is the speed with which we can provide high quality renderings (we're not called Render 3D Quick for nothing!). Once you request a quote we will get back to you in 5 - 10 minutes. We can often have your renderings finished before our competitors have even got back to you with a quote!

We're pleased to offer a high level of service in line with all of the above. If you'd like a quote on your next project we'd love to hear from you. Contact us here or request a quote with the green button below.