3D Architectural Animations

With our architectural animation services, you can take your regular 3D renderings to a whole new level, enabling you to visualize your architectural projects from an entirely new perspective.

There are several approaches we can take to making architectural animations. If your new development or construction project will be built on its own land, or you only need an interior flythrough, we can create the animation as part of doing your 3D rendering.

If you would like to see how your proposed development will fit into an established environment, we can do that too! Increasingly we are being asked to render buildings into existing drone footage. We do this by taking your footage, and pairing it with the rendering we do for you, which we render into the physical environment of the footage. This way you can get a view of every angle of your project prior to construction, so you can show investors and customers what the project will look like when completed in real life, rather than having to spend extra time and money creating renderings for the environment your development will be built in too.

Our animations are a great tool to really help other key project decision makers get to know your project, so that they are able to make decisions or invest with confidence. Animation goes a step beyond the visualization services that we offer, furthering your professional image and adding to your customer experience.

Why 3D Animation?

3D architectural animations give you the ability to view your architectural project early on in the development process. This can be extremely valuable from both a design and development perspective.

Having the ability to view your project in an animated format enables you to get a feel for the layout and flow of the overall project, before making any large financial investments. They are also a great marketing tool for companies that want to engage prospective investors or purchasers, and can be a great addition to our 3D architectural modeling services.

Whether you need an animation for commercial or residential architecture, our experts will take care of your project professionally and quickly. You can pair our animation services with our 3D model services to really create an impact with your presentation.


A 3D animation of your project offers many advantages to the viewer. One of the main advantages is that your client can choose the angles and views that they like to present the finished project instead of having to use a still picture you give them. You can virtually walk through the new structure as if you were seeing it in person, which is very helpful for designers, contractors, and homeowners. By getting this unique view, you can find flaws and areas that need improvements quickly and easily. Additionally, a moving picture is more interesting, draws people in and retains attention better than a still one.

view Some samples of our architectural animation videos

Rendering Architecture Into Drone Footage: An Increasingly Popular Service

With the increase in availability of drones, we are seeing a rise in the number of people who want us to render their proposed development into existing drone footage. These drone animations or drone videos allow us to place your 3D rendering into an existing physical environment. This can allow you to see your construction project in context, or can even be used to sell land by showing what can be done with it as in the example of the drone footage and rendering below.


If you have drone footage, we can render a building, home or structure into it as if it was already built, whether it's a house on a block of land, or a football stadium that can be seen throughout the neighborhood. All we need is the footage, and the plans for your proposed property.


At this point in time, we only work with existing drone footage. Because we work with clients all over the world, managing and coordinating a drone team to go and film the surroundings of your property would not be as cost effective for you as finding someone locally or doing the filming yourself.

So, your best bet will be finding a good drone video company in your location (try googling "drone video company + city"), and getting them to film the footage, keeping in mind that you want them to fly a trajectory that allows us to show all the best angles of your future project. As a backup option, you may find that with a bit of practice you can purchase a drone and take the footage yourself. Not only can that option be cheaper, but you also then have a drone for other future use.

How Do I Get Started With ordering A DRONE ANIMATION TOUR?

For us to provide drone tour rendering services, all you need is the drone footage of the property, and the plans or detailed sketches of the building project.

It's as easy as that, and we take care of everything involved in making the 3D model of your property before rendering it into the footage.

How long does it take to render a building into drone footage?

Our turnaround time for animations, including drone video work is typically 1 to 2 weeks.

How much does a drone video rendering cost?

All projects are different, and the cost will depend on the size of the project, the duration of the footage and the quality of the work you need. To get an accurate quote, we recommend talking to us directly. As a ballpark figure however, a standard project is likely to fall within the range of $500 to $5000. 


WHY CHOOSE RENDER 3D QUICK for architectural animations or drone renderings?

Our 3D rendering firm has years of experience, many hundreds of customers, and has completed thousands of projects for clients across the globe. We have experience in both residential and commercial settings, so you can be sure that we have the know-how and on-the-ground experience to visualize your projects perfectly.

We have worked with clients from all aspects of design and building, including interior designers, contractors, builders, developers, and even homeowners. In the event that you are not completely satisfied with our work (we're sure you will be!), we offer a money back guarantee for all of our services.

If you have any questions about our company or our services, you can call us at 1-877-350-3490 or use our convenient contact form. If you are ready to get the order process started, feel free to request a free quote online or call to talk to a professional on our team that can assist you. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions, concerns, or order information.