Best 3d exterior visualizations of 2015

If you need help on an exterior visualization project don't hesitate to get in touch!

If you need help on an exterior visualization project don't hesitate to get in touch!

It is May of 2016, so we thought now was a good time to look back to 2015 and highlight some of our favorite exterior work of year. You might be surprised to know that rendering has come a long way, and it can be quite difficult now to tell the difference between a photo and a 3d rendering. It's amazing to see the creativity in some of these pieces! 

Unfortunately due to copyright we can't embed photos of these renderings, so it will have to be a surprise when you go to have a look.

The Graticule House

This exterior piece was created by SandroS and designed by David Jameson Architects and we feel is one of their best pieces. The surroundings of the building are beautiful and the reflections on the windows and use of light in this piece are exquisite. You can almost imagine the warmth inside the house as the soft glow of the lights and the dusky atmosphere welcome you inside.

Koncept Exterior Cladding Cgis

This stunning piece was rendered by Pikcells to show off the exterior cladding products used in their clients work. We particularly like the fourth rendering in the series showing the setting sun shining through the bars on the exterior. What is the cladding made of? You be the judge.

Architectural Details

This piece of beauty was designed by Giona Andreani. Look at it from a distance and you'd swear it was real.. This set of images is remarkably photorealistic and was commissioned for a property renovation in the city of Milan, Italy. Look at the details in the fallen leaves on the path and grass. Amazing!

The National Gallery of Budapest

This rendering was completed by the very talented group ‘Tomorrow’. This series is a twist on the usual, using black and white final images to convey a film noir atmosphere. This rendering is for the largest ongoing museum project in the whole world. The idea is to totally renovated the green area of Budapest and to build new five buildings there. Check out the girl playing frisbee with her bulldog on the grass. And the aerial shot is fantastic - many hours of work must have gone in there.


Arrival was designed by Nookta, and is based on the architecture (and fashion) of the 60s in California, USA. Through their research Nookta was inspired by the creations of Pieere Koenig, Donald Wexler, and Richard Neutra. This exclusive piece of work describes the revival of an otherwise abandoned residence. A place where things were left behind and a lot of time has passed. Check out the details in the pool, the mountains and the tiny details which really make this work pop.

These were some of our favorite picks from 2015. In the meantime we're busy making lots of our own exterior renderings for clients - you might see some of your projects (with permission of course) displayed in best of 2016 rendering collections next year!