Tiny House Plans / Blueprints, Rendered From Your Designs

One real estate trend which we’re pretty interested in watching develop is the tiny house movement. As house prices rise, it becomes harder to get mortgages, banks are foreclosing on loans left right and center, and councils start to become more open to changing zoning laws to accommodate the idea of people living in tiny abodes, we think the industry is going to take off in a huge way, even more than it already has.

There is so much potential for creating and developing niche businesses around designing and building tiny homes for people. Who knew that this would happen from the quite small and humble beginnings of the movement with Jay Schafer’s book back in 2009. Just goes to show how fast an industry can change.

How can we help tiny house builders

All of the services we offer at Render 3D Quick for full size house development apply equally to tiny house projects.

Builders, developers, architects and individuals hire us because they have an idea and they want to turn it into something that’s much more tangible for buyers, stakeholders, or just because they want to see what their house or other development will look like when it’s built.

We can provide the following services, at amazing quality, affordable prices and quicker than anyone else in North America:

  • Exterior renderings for tiny houses

  • Interior renderings for tiny homes

  • Floorplans for single or multi-level tiny abodes

  • Animated walkthroughs or flythroughs (more suitable for larger developments like tiny house hotels)

  • Virtual reality renderings

From simple designs of tiny house exteriors

To detailed interior layouts, including try to life furnishings

Or examples of what your finished product will look like where it will be lived in.

Or examples of what your finished product will look like where it will be lived in.

So your clients can imagine themselves in their new house well before it’s even built!

So your clients can imagine themselves in their new house well before it’s even built!

3D rendered plans and blueprints for tiny house builders and architects

Builders and architects love our 3D renderings, because they make plans and blueprints much more accessible to people, showing them what the finished product will look like. If you are building a complex of houses, you can send us photos of the environment they will be built in, and we can render your buildings into the photos, making it easier for you to get council approval, and to see how your ideas will effect the overall landscape.

an example of a recent tiny house design project

We are currently working with a number of tiny house builders. Below is an example of a previous tiny house project for a complex of tiny houses. Below you can see plans / ground layout, external 3d visualizations (close ups, day time view, night time view), and internal views.

Our interior designs are beautiful, and we can light them in a way very similar to how they will look in real life, so your designs appear spacious rather than cramped and claustrophobic. In fact, if you look through some of our previous designs, you will see that they are sometimes so close to reality that they can be practically indistinguishable from photographs.

One of our services that is quickly on the rise is virtual reality renderings. You can see on this page on the Tumbleweed site for example virtual tours for tiny RV houses that were created using special Matterport cameras. The difference between us and this type of VR tour is that we can create these virtual tours even before the house is built! Forget having to build your new models in advance, maintain space for a showroom etc. when you can have many different housing models you can show potential clients in virtual reality!

We can also create plans and blueprints of your tiny house designs as well.

3d tiny home designs for people building their own tiny house

One of the amazing things about the tiny house movement, is how many people with no building experience are willing to learn all the skills they need along the way to design and build their own tiny houses. While there are many sites that offer plans for tiny houses ready to build, because the space a person or family will be living in is so small, it’s important that the layout and everything included in the house perfectly matches (as much as is possible) how the space will be utilized most efficiently.

For this reason, many people choose to go completely custom when building their own tiny homes. And this is where we come in! Based on inspiration from other people’s tiny houses, your hand drawn sketches with dimensions, or just your ideas, we can help you design the tiny home of your dreams.

By creating a 3D rendering of your future tiny home before it’s built, you can see in advance whether everything works in the space, whether there is any dead or under-utilized areas, or whether you’re missing anything important. We can even create virtual reality renderings of your tiny house so you can see what it would be like to live and move through the space. Is it big enough, is it too big, is the kitchen the right shape and size etc?

Seeing your house as a 3D render can also help you spot any potential issues before you begin the build stage, saving you time, money and headaches later on!

We hired Render 3D Quick with a impossible deadline. Every other company turned us down or wanted some crazy expedited charge. We contacted Alex and he said he would get it done with no extra charge. Not only did they get it done when they said but came though with exactly what we needed. Thank you Alex!!
— Corey Chiasson ~ Google Review
I had such a great experience working with Alexx at Render 3D Quick. The process is simple and quick and Alexx understood everything I was trying to accomplish. He even made all the changes I requested and was very kind and patient with me. Needless to say I will be using them for all my future rendering projects.
— Nicole Savino ~ Google Review


If you’ve never heard of the concept of tiny houses before, and are used to the large North American houses that are the norm nowadays, you may be wondering just why someone would choose to live in a tiny house.

For most people, the reason for owning a tiny house is freedom. Tiny houses are typically much more affordable than larger houses, and often built on wheels, allowing them to be moved to unique and beautiful locations at will.

For more information or inspiration, you may like to visit the youtube channel Living Big in a Tiny House, or check out this video below about the tiny house movement, which introduces tiny houses and the many varied reasons that people choose them for their permanent homes.