Render3DQuick brings Virtual Reality Architecture Design to market

Virtual reality architectural design service now available! 

The team here are Render3DQuick are pleased to announce a brand new development in our services - the launch of architectural renderings designed with special features to be viewed in virtual reality!

For ages our clients have asked for a more flexible, more personal rendering experience than that allowed by standard 3D animations. We have listened, and are now offering a 360 option that combines regular 3D visualizations with a smartphone and VR headset to transport your clients right into your buildings! Imagine being able to stand inside the space you are developing, to get up close and personal with your vision before it is ever built!  

Previously we have offered 3D animations but these can be expensive and don't fit everyone's budget. They are a great service but are limited by how our designers create the animated flow through the building or development. Now you can move through the rendering inspecting it from all angles, getting a feel for if anything is out of place in your design at will.

Now, if you have a smartphone you can visualize your design in virtual reality! We're very happy to be one of the first companies to have embraced this technology and to be bringing this new and unique offering to our valued clients! To get you started we're offering free VR headsets! Please see our page on real estate virtual tours and walkthroughs for more info. 

Example of an interior design ready to be viewed in virtual reality

Example of an interior design ready to be viewed in virtual reality

Powered by Google Cardboard

Check out the video below to learn more about how the Google Cardboard and a smartphone power our VR renderings.

Visit our service page for more information, or contact us now for a free quote on your next virtual design!

Main image credit: Google Cardboard