Matterport & Render3DQuick WILL change the REAL ESTATE industry as we know it!

If you're in the Real Estate & Architecture industry you've probably heard about Matterport or maybe even seen/used their special 3D scanning camera by now.

A 3D camera made by  Matterport

A 3D camera made by Matterport

The way it works is basically you buy or rent their proprietary camera (purchase one for about $5,000 USD) and scan each room of an existing home turning it into a virtual environment like this:

Once the entire home has been scanned the virtual reality environment is available online to anyone in the entire world. Literally anyone in the world can "walk though" the home and see what it looks like using a Virtual Reality headset! Yes, someone in L.A. can walkthrough a beach house in Miami....from L.A!

With the VR headset on, the virtual environment is turned into this view you see below which tricks the eyes into thinking it's actually standing in the room. The secret is that each view (left & right) is at a slightly different angle so the eyes think it's real!

Now, Matterport is INCREDIBLE for turning existing property into VR environments you can walk through, but what if your property isn't built yet?

Matterport does EXISTING property - Render3DQuick does PRE-BUILT

We turn your plans into VR environments without you having to do anything. No cameras, no scanning, nothing. Just send us your plans and for LESS than the cost of buying a Matterport camera we can turn your pre-built property into VR in no time!

Fully Interactive Virtual Reality Tours Now Available!
Starting at $399 - click to watch the video

Virtual Reality is obviously going to change the entire Real Estate & Architecture industry as we know it!

One of the most incredible things about Virtual Reality is that you can change finishes, materials and colors in real time! You can do this while your client is standing in the Virtual environment!

This is incredibly valuable to:

  • Builders and Developers
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Real estate agents
  • and more!

Click below and see how easy it is to show your clients different options!

Why VR Will Change the Industry?

Like any new product, technology or service (think Uber, Airbnb, iPhones), if it saves time & money it takes off! Virtual Reality in Real Estate does exactly this and the ones that will benefit are the ones that jump on board early! It is predicted that within 5 years VR will be the norm when buying & selling property.

When will VR be in demand?

Think about this...before computers, everyone bought properties off of 2D black & white plans. After computers, everyone demanded the 2D plans AND 3D renderings. It is predicted that in less than 5 years (because technology takes hold so fast now!) people will demand the 2D plans, 3D renderings AND Virtual Reality walk through tours when buying property.

This WILL happen A LOT faster than you think and the ones that adapt the technology into their standard business practices will be the industry leaders!

"We expect a massive industry shift in the way real estate and architecture conduct business going forward with VR technology. We are very excited to be the industry leader offering this service to our clients. It is our goal at to always be on the cutting edge of technology. It is important for us to be the first to offer new, more impressive and more affordable ways for our clients to conduct business so that they are also the leaders in their industry." CEO |

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